A New Decade Starts With The Best of Intentions

•January 3, 2010 • Leave a Comment

You know how back in August  when I put that post up about how I was going to make some resolutions (a post I have deleted as feel new decade new start)… well I clearly didn’t and the only one I was going to make was to blog more. In some ways I think I have committed bloggers suicide as not only have I moved my blog and sort of left Myspace, I have now gone and not blogged for four months, doesn’t that make me blog-wise technically terminal? Anyhoo before I do say anything else to all the possibly non existent readers of this blog, I want to wish you all a Happy New Year. I think this calls for some pink balloons does it not?

I hope you all had wonderful New Year’s Eve in whatever way you saw it in. I had my first ‘Brazilian New Years’ in Hammersmith, which was a delight, though having a full on roast after midnight was new and led to some rather bad indigestion at 5am. Along with the ridiculous amount of alcohol consumed (never try and match someone from Poland drink for drink) this lead to me feeling like death before I could even awake with a hangover.

Actually I had been feeling slightly wrong prior to getting home and I blame London Transport, who kindly put on free tubes trains. The tube journey home filled with drunken revellers at 3am was not delightful. Drunken girls showing people their knickers, straight men in drag thinking they were very funny and doing some unseemly dancing with feather boa’s. Some gays discussing 2012 and how the world would end and getting a bit shreiky about it. It all screamed of ‘no’ frankly. I was thankful to get off as the journey seemed to be taking forever and I wondered if maybe I had got stuck in some awful Dr Who style time rip. Thank god I was slightly merry so that took the edge off.

How did 2010 start? It’s all rather ominous so far. I awoke to what can only be described as a pigeon massacre on my roof terrace (more on that later in the week) and the hints of gas in the kitchen. I am wondering if it’s a sign of whats to come in 2010… hopefully not!

Now you are going to ask about resolutions aren’t you? I am thinking resolutions are off this year, bar a rather bookish one I made, and instead am going to take this week to have a think about all the things I want to achieve in the next year and really as it is 2010 the next decade I guess. Oh dear I think I can see myself becoming all contemplative over the next week and that wont do! Rather than start the new ‘teenies’ (or whatever they are calling this decade) with resolutions, I am going to start it with the best intentions.