Just Call Me Simon Attenborough…

Trying to have a phone conversation with one of your friends, who is going through a romantic and possible life crisis, whilst sliding downstairs on your back and sliding up again on your front before crawling into your kitchen isn’t easy I discovered recently. Now if you are a close friend who feels sorry for the non existant readership of this blog and who has popped by out of pity then you will already know this story, apologies. So why was I doing this rather mad manoeuver? No it wasnt just because I could, though good reason. I was trying to take this picture (sorry if you are a pigeon lover)…

If you are reading this on facebook (please stop – go to the actual link and subscribe as I need all the readership I can get) then you may have seen today’s enthralling picture taken from my kitchen the other day. Yes this is a Bird of Prey here in South London, apparently a Kestrel which I thought it was though some doubted me. I wasn’t a bird spotter in my early teens for nothing you know. I have just over shared haven’t I?

I havent named her yet but I have seen her a few times now I am wondering if I could tame and train her? I have been reliably informed it is a she by my friend Polly’s Dad. Ha, thats like when you are at school and you say ‘yeah, but I so no that cos my Mum said’ but Henk is a man who would know. It’s odd when something so not urban appears in your urban surroundings. It’s like you suddenly remember the rest of the world exists outside your window, a bit like when it snows terrifically too.

Where was I going with this? I am not sure even I know, I think I just wanted to share that with you. I have since ascertained that I really want a pet. I know I already have two Goldfish (quite likely soon to be one, one has awful fin flop) and a very clever cunning mouse who I almost respect after he can now avoid ten traps in a row and eat the cheese of them. I want something little and cute and fluffy and I think before long there may the the pitter patter of feet and some ‘meewing’ in this house, could get rid of that illustrious mouse too!


~ by thesavidge on January 15, 2010.

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