Snowy Thoughts…

I didn’t die of frost bite or anything like that. The boiler is now working wonderfully thanks for asking. It did take about 4 days to get sorted and so things were a little chilly in Savidge Towers. It was suggested I could set fire to my many books… this didn’t go down well. So what news do I have to report on? Well I think that a photo which my Gran sent me earlier in the week really sums up what today’s post is all about…

Thats right, snow. I have to say the mass hysteria over frozen water has been bothering me. I mean really its not the apocolypse is it? Well not this week. I mean growing up in Matlock Bath and living on one of the sides of the steep valleys we just got on with it. Even if there was snow 3ft deep and the walk to school could mame us, kill us or just break all our bones we walked that mile down precipices and back up again in the afternoon.

Even now, well last week, when my teeth were chattering because of the white fluffy stuff and no boiler I wasnt enraged at it… I was with my landlord and British Gas but best not to get started on that. Then suddenly it changed… suddenly it was Savidge vs. Snow. Towards the end of last week, I dont know if it was the mass media hatred of snow infecting me, the chaos it caused to book group, me just being moody or the fact I had started with the lurgy,nI suddenly despised it and couldnt wait for it to all just hurry up and bugger off melt. Most unlike me, ha!

When I woke up the other day to find the only thing outside vaguely resembling snow was dirty brown slush I missed it. I won’t lie. It was no longer with us, like a one night stand you regretted long before you sobered up and all that seemed left was a slightly grey London, a dull London, a snow-less London. I wanted it to come back. Isn’t that always the way of these things?

So this morning when I awoke and was greated to the wonderful two inch thick snow in the street can you imagine what I did? Did I run out in the snow and start making angel shapes on the high street, throwing it in the air and acting like I was three? Or did I simply think ‘bugger… that’s my parcels posted this week never arriving then’ and swiftly shove my head back under the duvet?

I will leave you to decide that one.


~ by thesavidge on January 13, 2010.

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