Freezing, But So Angry Could Boil…


I haven’t blogged sooner as 2010 already seems to be filled with drama and even a little bit of potential death. Honestly it’s been quite exciting, in a highly dangerous and deathly sort of way…

I mentioned that as I awoke to 2010 there was a smell of gas in the air… and I dont mean that sort of gas you rude reader. Well the smell got worse. British (evil) Gas were called and I got told to ‘phone your landlord, it’s their responsibility’ which didn’t seem quite right to me but they are the people who know don’t you know and so I left quite a few messages. No avail until yesterday when angry landlord wants to know why emergency gas people haven’t been phoned. My response ‘I didn’t know they existed didn’t go down to well’.

I spoken with them and so much fear was put into me ‘don’t touch anything electrical, don’t switch anything on, don’t turn anything off’ I almost wondered if I was allowed to breathe. I get its serious, I understand I could have had some sort of poisoning but when did this suddenly become my fault? When did I tamper with the hob/boiler/meter in a plot to kill myself and anyone in a 200 meter radius?

Fair play to them they did send the most miserable technician round to have a look and moan about how cold it was. I did tell him I was aware how cold it was as I had no heating, not even a smile cracked at that, I ask you. Found boiler is leaking quite a lot. Then all gas turned off and he’s gone. Yes gone. No you need to contact so and so, no report given, and no forms to say why everything was off or how to turn it on, which becomes crucial in a moment, just you wait.

Phone landlord and explain, landlord unimpressed has to call builder and actually be paid to do something. Builder (not an engineer) turns up and says if the gas is not on cant fix the boiler, yet this man is qualified to know. Lots of heated debate (in a freezing flat) ensues between landlord, builder and me. Builder looks at boiler as if psychically might mend it. He then spots electrics (pictured) that have been hidden and looks deeply concerned. When you see them you might look concerned… I bloody was.

Builder will come back this morning and fix everything. He will be here ay 9am he promises without fail. Builder comes back this morning two hours late and turns out doesn’t have any spanners with him, leaves at 11 to ‘be back in a minute with tools’. I am still waiting. I think I might have hyperthermia setting in. In fact I ought to stop typing as my frozen fingers might snap and break off… If you haven’t heard from me in a week call the emergency services. Or just assume I have forgotten I have a non book based blog once again.


~ by thesavidge on January 5, 2010.

2 Responses to “Freezing, But So Angry Could Boil…”

  1. Oh, this all rang so true with me… I’ve never known any technician of any variety turn up with anything needed. We had a plumber come whose ONLY job was to replace a tap… he came, looked at the sink, and then left because he hadn’t brought a tap with him… three hours later, hey presto!

    • It’s soooo irritating! It’s like they want us to know just how difficult their job is. Amazingly they also want lots of cups of tea or coffe when they finally turn up hahaha.

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